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Activity Mau-Mau-Chi The Scribble Toon
and now i present the final villain of Saru's background life, and the last villain of the cast members, the scribble toon of Toonkiyo, with deadpan attitude and a serious vendetta on all fun it's the mouse Mau-Mau-Chi

Name: Mau-Mau-Chi
Age: 10
Villain Role: Major
Occupation: Fun Destroyer
Likes: Boring Things, Dullness, Monochrome, Empty Areas, Quietness, Serious People
Dislikes: Fun Things, Happiness, Colorful Things, Crowd Areas, Loudness, Bright People
this dull mouse was born in the town of Toonkiyo, it lived it's whole life plain and boring to the point it wanted everything plain and boring as well, so he began causing chaos destroying all fun things and even forcing boring hobbies on the residents!, after having enough the residents rebeled by chasing the mouse out of town and then sealing it within a special vault that would keep it contained forever......until now.....
My Sweet Home Toonkiyo Arc:
in Toonkiyo city live the little animal mascots that go about their daily lives having fun, having festivals, chatting like friends, and many other exciting things, amoung them all is friendly resident Saru the pride and joy of the community whose life is gonna turn upside-down once his finds out his cousin Rasu is moving in with him!


Immortal Toon: he has immortality thanks to his toon heritage, can't be killed or aged!

Physic-Split: he can split into multiple versions of himself if hit hard enough!, can make up to a thousand clones and still keep on multipling!

Mouse Formation: he can mentally communicate with his clones to work together to ether form different objects for fighting, trap opponent by sealing off exits or holes, or even swarm others in a big wave of clones to ether restrain or drown them!

"..........(look)(look).......that's it.....i've had about enough of this......i'm going back into the vault........(squeak!)......."

Extra Facts:
-surprisingly he's not a big fan of cheese
-can talk just chooses not to.....
-actually enjoyed his empty vault prison home!....
-can actually turn into a more lively character if colored properly!

and that was the final villain of Saru's background arcs, and with that everybody i am finally done with the bio's of all the cast member villains!, it's been fun, now to figure out what to do next!, hope you enjoyed his and all the other's bios!!!:D series and oc (c) of me Spongyboy17
Loading... Manako-Sama The Gyogo Huntress
now i introduce the second villain of Saru's background, the huntress heckbent on capturing all the Gyogo creatures and harvesting their powers for her own it's Manako-Sama

Name: Manako-Sama
Age: 500+
Villain Role: Minor
Occupation: Gyogo Huntress
Likes: Power, Hunting, Capturing Gyogo, Victory, Collecting, Rare Creatures
Dislikes: Failure, Her Servants, Losing Captives, Humiliation, Gyogo Rangers, Ugly Remarks
Manako has lived just as long as the creatures known as Gyogo have, she was an advent collector always collecting the most wide array of items from antiques to gems, until one day she was fed up with her collection and wanted something more!, something that'd further boost her hunting career, so ultimately she decided to hunt the poor Gyogo, after capturing one she decided to extract the creature's powers and add to her being, and afte succeeding she knew in order to be the best hunter/collector she would need the powers necessary and thus began her conquest to capture all Gyogo and harness their power for herself....
Gyogo Protection Rangers! Arc:
in the land Gyogo Isle mystical creatures known as Gyogo live in harmony with the local human residents, but life for these creatures is not easy as many are ether plaqued by unfortunate encounters with evil territorial Gyogo or the local Gyogo hunters, lucky there's a protection squad of Gyogo rangers that're on the job to help keep these creatures safe!


Gyogo Powers: after extracting quite a few Gyogo powers she has up to 7 abilitys thanks to the extractions

Fire Cracker: she can shoot menacing balls of fire that explode like a firecracker

Meter Sight: she can see from 400 meters away with her mind's eye

Message Send: she can send telepathic messages to others but she must know their name and destination

Hyper Wail: she can wail as loud as a banshee, loud enough to break glass and rupture ears

Misty Rouse: she can conjure a purple mist to hide from enemies or escape bad situations

Sleepy Eye: she can stare someone and make them sleep, the person must make complete long visual contact with her for it to work

Servant Summon: she can summon two low-class mini Gyogo servant to do her bidding, her bandage buddy Bondibone who can trap people in his inescapable bindings, and her floating head buddy Nek-Nek who can swallow large objects or people with a strong blackhole and later regurgitate them out!

"oooh, a rare diamond studded Geminala!, that would look great on my shelf and would be a great addition to my Gyogo powers"
"Nek-Nek?....where's that dumb sack of bandages at?, the brats have stop at a diner and the Gyogo with them are wide open for capture!"
".......(siiiiigh), why do i even bother?...., fine!, alright!, i'll send a friend i know in the hunting industry to go help you on your quest"
"finally!, at long last!, for once one of my plans is going accordingly!, soon all those Gyogo with help boost my career and power!, and i'll be dubbed the greatest huntress ever!!!!"

Extra Facts:
-sometimes watches tv in her lair while her servants are off hunting for her
-doesn't go out and hunt herself do to her not wanting to blow her cover with the police!
-after taking a Gyogo's power she petrifys them and stuff them on her massive Gyogo shelf
-secretly lives a double internet life posing as a girl that's friends with one of the local Gyogo rangers!, as a way to gain information out of them on the lastest Gyogo sightings!

and that was the second villain of Saru's, hope you enjoyed her bio!, now onto the final villain of Saru's life arcs!, and the last of the cast member villains!, hope you're excited for it!:) series and ocs (c) of me Spongyboy17
Loading... Bunraku The Chibi Puppet
now i introduce the first villain of Saru's, the evil mischievous puppet of the Zakikio-Washi Village, with a dark sense of humor, it's the bunny puppet Bunraku

Name: Bunraku
Age: 4
Villain Role: Minor
Occupation: Village Terrorizor
Likes: Chaos, Jokes, Ruining Things, Breaking Rules, Chibilizing Residents, Scary People
Dislikes: Killjoys, Others Pulling on His Stitching, Boredom, Being Scolded, Adults, Saru
Bunraku was just a traveling hand puppet until he came across the village Zakiko-Washi, soon he made his home in the local well of the forest and began terrorizing the locals with evil gags, dangerous pranks, and even reduced some residents to chibis...., nothing could be more perfect for him.....except for local residents Saru and his friends ruining his fun....
Fun, Fun, Happy Saru Time Hour!☆ Arc:
hey kids!, are you ready for the fun, fun, happy Saru time hour?!, cause if you are then join little Saru and friends on his daily adventures, full of mischief, mayhem, and tons of friendship!


Physical Endurance: being a flat hand puppet plus a cartoon makes him immune to physical attacks or pain!, plus his body is stretchy enough to repel physical attack back at the attacker!

Immortality: since he's a cartoon he can't die or even age!

Levitation: he can magic hover in midair and reach high areas with ease

Chibilizor: he has a special dark power that allows him to shoot a beam from his mouth that transforms others into chibized versions of themselves, the effects are permanent and can only be fixed if they're hit by his beam again

"hello neighbors!, ready for another round of chibi or be chibied?!"
"hey! hey! hands off the stitching buddy!, i just got those fixed!"
"(chibilized)....hmmm, wow!, i was wrong!, you look even uglier as a chibi!"
"friends? want be friends with me?, even after i chibilized the whole village, ruined you birthday, made fun of your friends, and smashed all your banana hoards?!, and i thought Gushi was stupid!"

Extra Facts:
-wishes to have friends of his own one day that share his interest
-is made of special cloth that's super soft and easily washable!
-smells like carrots and with hint of new clothes smell
-will technically die if all his red stitching is undone....

and that was the frist villain of Saru's, hope you enjoyed his bio!, now onto the second villain of this little monkey!:) series and oc (c) of me Spongyboy17
Loading... Brooke Levaldis The Blood Ripper
and now i introduce to you the final villain of Saikoro's!, the famous owner of the Meat n' Sweets Bakery with dark twisted secret laying beneath her sweet face it's the Class 3 B-Sucker Mrs. Brooke Levaldis!

Name: Brooke or Mrs. Levaldis
Age: 48
Villain Role: Major
Occupation: Baketress/Owner of the Meat n' Sweets Bakery
Likes: Saikoro, Money, Baking, Fresh "Supplies", Singing, Morbid Jokes
Dislikes: Her Sister, Nosey Lookers, Rats, Thieves, Dull Rooms, Saikoro Rejecting Her Affection
Mrs. Levaldis was born to a slummy old Life-taker family in the streets of London alongside her sister, growing up was hard with their lack of money, clothes, and with local Lookers roaming the streets, after the lost of her parents she and her sister opened a bakery and lived their lives in peace, but after her sister found herself a man to love and have a child with she was left with no one but her own unborn baby, but a tragedy struck and not only did she lose her baby......but her sister and brother-in-law......, now she runs the bakery alone with a newfound malicious intent....
Marry Ol' Souls Arc:
in the streets of Ol' London lurk dangerous beings called Life-takers that's only way of living is by taking the liives of the poor roaming residents, there are 3 kinds ranging from class lvs. 1-5, they are Blood-Suckers, Flesh-Snackers, & Soul-Sappers and the high council of London have had enough with these killers, now the streets are roaming with trained Lookers (investigators) and Hunters (exterminators), life in this town is complicated and it's even more complicated inside the bakery of local residents Mrs. Ledalvis and her stepson Thomas...


Life-Taker Body: since she's a life-taker she has the natural abilitys of one, like her powers are more stronger during the night, she's immune to all normal weaponry, has enhance sight in the dark, good sense of smell, and has the natural powers of a B-Sucker

Blood Liquorice: her B-Sucker power is blood manipulation she can manipulate the blood in her body or surroundings and harden it to point that's it's more durable than a sword!, her blood tentacles look like liquorice vines that can bend in all kinds of directions and have enough strength to brust through a wall!

Expert Li-ability: she's a skilled liar, able to cover up any mess or suspision with ease, her lying and manipulative ways have gotten her out of many situations with the lookers, residents, and even other life-takers in the area!

Charm Resistance: being a class-3 life-taker she has fairly good resistance against hunter charms, she can easily walk into a charmed church and only feel nauseated or weak in the knees! she can also take hunter enchanted attacks pretty well and heal from them quite quickly

"sorry for stuffing all the fruits of my labor down your throat love, here, have some bloody apple juice, always clears my throat"
"why that's a grand idea Mr. Goddipock but you see........he's asleep!, yeah!, asleep from helping make these delicious meat cakes you love so much!"
"yeeeeeelp!, yeeeeelp!, listen you crooked old rag!, how many times have i told you, i'll not tolerate any rats running around my establishment, now run off!, before i call the garbage cleaners and have them tow ya off!"
"oh mooom!, mom!, mom! you're such a bloody wina!, look i'm your real mother!, not that rotten corpse on the ground!, now my boy stop acting foolish and help me scrap these bodies into the grinder before the hunters get here!!!"

Extra Facts:
-like all life-takers her spiritual form is shown during midnight under the light of the moon
-had a husband that she wasn't happy with to the point that she reported him to the hunters....
-has over 28 different sweet from her ordering menu like gumballs, pies, cakes, lollipops, liquorice, donuts, cookies, etc.
-(special) her look and motives are inspired by the character Mrs Lovett from the famous play "Sweeney Todd"!

and that everyone was the final villain of Saikoro's life arcs!, hope you enjoyed her bio!, now onto the final cast member Saru!:) series and oc (c) of me Spongyboy17
Loading... Ophiaralis The Spore Queen
now i introduce the second villain of Saikoro's background arcs, the large tree fungi that drove the world into a zombie apocalypse, with vendetta to avenge all plant life it's Ophiaralis

Name: Ophiaralis
Age: 142
Villain Role: Minor
Occupation: National Apocalypse Bringer
Likes: Plants, Dead Humans, Plants, Dead Humans, Plants, Dead Humans
Dislikes: Dead Plants, Humans, Dead Plants, Humans, Dead Plants, Humans
this hyper evolved plant started as a simple fungi growing in the woods until one day researchers came into the woods and started experimenting on the plant life to see different chemical reactions, this fungi was injected with an evolution serum that made it grow to a more dominant size and gave it enough cells to develop a mind of it's own!, pretty soon after witnessing and feeling it's fellow plant life's pain it grew more and eventually started a zombie apocalypse as revenge for nature's constant suffering at the hands of human....
Apoco-6-21-14-7-9 Arc:
during the year 2001 a experiment was conducted on the local plant life which resulted in brain controling fungi to grow to monstrous size and spread a zombifing spore virus into the earth's atmosphere causing a national apocalypse, now in the year 2139 humanity's population is now a measly 20% and decreasing ever so slowly, the government after such a hard fought battle against the virus are on the break through to a cure and fungi are now hellbent of exterminating humanity's only hope to return the world back to normal....


Z-Spore: she produce a spore virus that's super lethal as it can infect a person instantly, it's potent and ability to infect differ between humans, so change instantly, others after a few weeks, and some are actually immune!, but once you're infected you'll eventually become a spore zombie and become her obedient slave

Root Attack: she can also attack with her tree roots from under the ground, she can ether catch fleeing prey, swipe others away, block a group's escape route, or can even infect others with the roots!

Zombie Telepathy: she can communicate with her zombie minions and give signals to them in the form of commands or information, they can attack a certain target, block exits or entrances to a place, attack in calculated ambushes, use weapons, or send messages!

Plant Regeneration: she has super high regeneration as she can instantly recover a lost root, heal from weed killer wounds, slashes from an axe or chainsaw, and even from severe burns

Plant Infection: she can also infect other plants and make them produce her infectious fungi as well, it kills the plant after a few months but still leaves the potent virus aroma after death....


Extra Facts:
-can also produce a tasty nectar from it's body that can quench her zombies thirst for flesh!
-doesn't need water or sunlight to survive, just needs the earth's living nutrients to live
-her moans can actually be translated to actual human speak!
-sheds her old tree roots once a year, and sheds her old bark once every month

and that was the second villain of Saikoro's life, hope you enjoyed her bio!, now onto the Saikoro's final villain!:) series and oc (c) of me Spongyboy17
Loading...'s my birthday!!!!!!, and let me tell ya i have hopes that today will at least be quite an eventful day!!!:D


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